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Sep 30, 2012 9:00pm CDT
of ohio to act as his opponent while preparing for the debate.... and john kerry played the role of romney stand-in...for president obama. the president has a day job, the presiden'ts been president and has not had the time to practice, all we hear about is that mitt romney's been practicing practicing, practicing wherever he goes. i think mitt romney is going to come in there very prepared, he's going to do very well because he's done very well in all of the debates i think sometimes we expect a major breakthrough, you know a comment. that doesn't happen very often. it happened with reagan and mondale. it happened with reagan and carter, but frankly, i can't remember the last time there was one of these comments that grabbed everybody's attention because, frankly, the candidates are too well prepared. they're well scripted. on sunday, president obama headed to las vegas for a campaign event -- while mitt romney attended church in massachusetts....before hunkering down for final debate preparations. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. actress lindsey lohan has another run in
Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm CDT
walking through the john bull back in there that was earlier before street and sanitation workers arrived with their bulldozers and dump trucks early this morning it's been hauled away for a controlled burn at an undisclosed location it was a big job and it was after all a big field filled with lots of marijuana ready for harvest just blocks from a police although pound. spending that much time and effort setting up an operation like this in chicago is brazen. 15 pot plants have all been burned on federal property. no trace of the plants here where they probably grow for some four-six months no one is in custody and the investigation continues. >> troubles continue to mount for american airlines the latest flight from dallas to st. louis had to turn around because of landing gear problems. frightened passengers were told to brace for a cut-off landing if not a crash landing. passengers finally got to say lewis, some wondered if the threat was real or made up leading to the carrier's labor dispute with pilots. are they really heroes or are they guys just creating a job action? >> yest
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2